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rak'ah | pl. rak'aat

alt. rakah | rakat, rakaat
rak-'ah | rak-'aat

A unit of prayer consisting of recitation while standing, a genuflexion, and two prostrations.


alt. Ramadaan, Ramadhan, Ramadhaan, Ramazan

The ninth month of the Islamic year, when Muslims keep fast from dawn to sunset during the whole month.

rasool | pl. rusul

alt. rasul
ra-sool | ru-sul

"Messenger” or “envoy.” Used almost interchangeably with nabi (prophet). The slight difference is that a rasool is a prophet who was sent with a book and a shari'ah (code of divine laws), for example, the prophets Musa, ‘Isa and Muhammad (peace be upon them all). Muslims believe in and accept all the prophets and messengers sent by Allah. In terms of the divine law, however, the shari'ah of the Prophet Muhammad has overridden and/or abrogated the previous revelations and it is this code of law which is followed by the Muslims from now until the Day of Judgment.

See also: nabi
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rukn | pl. arkaan

See also: arkaan


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