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alim | pl. ulama

alt. 'alim | 'ulama
'aa-lim | 'u-la-maa

"Knowing person", "scholar," especially one of the religious sciences.


alt. Allaah

The name of the One and Only Almighty God, Creator of the Universe. It is the essential name of God which has neither feminine, nor plural, nor has ever been applied to anything other than the unimaginable Supreme Being. There are also ninety-nine 'most beautiful names' of Allah, like ar-Rabb (the Nourisher), al-Wadood (the Loving), ar-Rahmaan and ar-Raheem (the Most Merciful, Most Beneficent), which signify His different attributes.

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amaanah | pl. amaanaat

a-maa-nah | a-maa-naat

A trust or responsibility.

amal | pl. a'maal

alt. 'amal
'a-mal | a'-maal

An action.

Amin (, al-)

alt. Ameen

"Faithful" or "Trustworthy." Al-Amin was the title given to the Prophet Muhammad when a youth on account of his fair and honorable bearing which won the confidence of the people.



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