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alt. Batiniyah

"Inner" or "esoteric." A misguided sect of early Islam that maintained that only a symbolic interpretation requiring gradual initiation by an illuminated teacher could reveal the real meanings of the Qur'an. The word, they claimed, was like a veil, hiding the deep and occult meaning never attainable to those clinging to literal explanation. Being a Shi'aite theological school of thought, they also upheld the doctrine of the divine source of the Imaamate (spiritual leadership of an Imaam) and of the transmission by divinely ordained hereditary succession from the khaleef 'Ali . The widespread Isma'ilite sect and its offsprings (Qarmatians, Fatimides, Assassins, etc.) belong to the sphere of Baatinite thought.

See also: Shi'ah

alt. Bay'ah, Bai'at

Oath of allegiance taken by the people for remaining faithful to the head of a Muslim state or any other person acknowledged as a spiritual guide.


alt. Bait-ul-Mal

"The house of property." The public treasury of an Islamic state, which the ruler is not allowed to use for his personal expenses, but only for the public good.



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