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(1) "Dawn." (2) The obligatory pre-dawn prayer.

faqeeh | pl. fuqahaa

alt. faqih | fuqaha
fa-qeeh | fu-qa-haa

A scholar of Islamic jurisprudence.

See also: fiqh
fard | faraa'id

alt. fardh, farz | faraaidh, faraaiz
fard | fa-raa-id

That which is obligatory. A term used for those rules and ordinances of Islam which are established and enjoined directly by Allah Himself (i.e. in the Qur'an), as distinguished from those which are established on the precept or practice of the Prophet Muhammad , and which are called Sunnah.

See also: sunnah
fatwa | fataawa

alt. fatwaa | fataawaa

A formal answer to a question on Islamic law, submitted by a judge, an official body, or also by an individual person to a doctor of religion (alim). The findings given as an answer to such questions are based on the Qur'an and the Prophet Muhammad's traditions (hadith), ijmaa (consensus of opinion of the scholars), and qiyaas (sound deductive reasoning)-- (in that order of precedence).


alt. fiqah

(1) "Understanding." (2) The science of Islamic jurisprudence.



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