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alt. Kabah

A "cube-shaped" rectangular building in Makkah, known as "the House of Allah", the most venerated sanctuary of Islam, and significant for a great many historical and religious reasons.

See also: Hajj
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kafir | pl. kafirin

alt. kaafir | kaafireen
kaa-fir | kaa-fi-reen

A disbeliever.

See also: kufr
kalimah | pl. kalimaat

alt. kalimat

"Word," "utterance," or even "proclamation." The basic statement of iman, namely "There is no god except Allah and Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah," is known as the al-kalimah at-tayyibah - "the good word" - or al-kalimah at-tawhid - "the word of unity." The phrase of testification of faith is known as al-kalimah ash-shahadah.

kalimah shahadah (, al-)

ka-li-mah sha-haa-dah
See also: kalimah
kalimah tawhid (, al-)

ka-li-mah taw-heed
See also: kalimah


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