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Abbasid dynasty

alt. 'Abbaasid dynasty, 'Abbaasi, Abbasi

The dynasty of 37 caliphs reigning in Baghdad from 133H (750C.E.) to 656H (1258C.E.), descended from the Prophet Muhammad's uncle, 'Abbaas ibn 'Abdul-Muttalib , which set up its rule on the ruins of the house of the Umayyads. Starting with the subversive propaganda against the Umayyads, the 'Abbasids came into power when Abul-'Abbaas, surnamed as as-Saffaah, "the bloodshedder," was recognized as caliph at Kufah. Caliphs al-Mansoor and al-Mahdi consolidated the 'Abbasid empire which, at the zenith of its power, extended from the shores of North Africa to the Indus; from the Red Sea to the Caspian Sea; and into the valleys of the north western slopes of the Himalaya. The 'Abbasid caliphate was brought to an end when Caliph al-Musta'sim was put to death by Halaku.

The names of the 'Abbasid caliphs are:

  1. Abul-'Abbaas 'Abdullah bin Muhammad al-Saffaah (750 C.E.)

  2. Abu Ja'far 'Abdullah bin Muhammad al-Mansoor (754)

  3. Muhammad bin Mansoor al-Mahdi (775)

  4. Musaa bin Mahdi al-Haadi (785)

  5. Haaroon al-Rasheed (786)

  6. Muhammad al-Ameen (809)

  7. 'Abdullah Ma'moon al-Rasheed bin Haaroon al-Rasheed (813)

  8. al-Mu'tasim Billaah (Abu Ishaq Muhammad bin Haaroon) (833)

  9. al-Waathiq Billaah (Abu Ja'far Haaroon) (842)

  10. al-Mutawakkil 'Alallaah (Ja'far bin Mu'tasim) (847)

  11. al-Muntasir Billaah (Muhammad bin Ja'far) (861)

  12. al-Musta'een Billaah (Muhammad bin Ja'far) (862)

  13. al-Mu'tazz Billaah (866)

  14. al-Muhtadi Billaah (869)

  15. al-Mu'tamid 'Alallaah (870)

  16. al-Mu'tadhid Billaah (892)

  17. al-Muqtafi Billaah (902)

  18. al-Muqtadir Billaah (908)

  19. al-Qaahir Billaah (932)

  20. al-Raadhi Billaah (934)

  21. al-Muttaqi Billaah (940)

  22. al-Mustakfi (944)

  23. al-Mooti' (946)

  24. al-Ta'i (974)

  25. al-Qaadir (991)

  26. al-Qaaim (1031)

  27. al-Muqtadi (1075)

  28. al-Mustazhir (1094)

  29. al-Mustarshid (1118)

  30. al-Raashid (1135)

  31. al-Muqtafi (1136)

  32. al-Mustanjid (1160)

  33. al-Mustadi (1170)

  34. al-Naasir (1179)

  35. al-Zaahir (1225)

  36. al-Mustansir (1226)

  37. al-Musta'sim (1242-58)


alt. azaan

"Call" or "announcement," especially the one given some time before every obligatory salah in order to summon the people to join the congregational prayer.

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ahadith | sing. hadith

alt. ahaadeeth
See also: hadith

alt. Ahl-ul-Bayt

"People of the house," i.e. family of the Prophet Muhammad . The Shi'ah, however, attribute the expression to 'Ali, Faatimah, their sons, and dependents , to whom they restrict their appellation as well as the right to spiritual merit and political rule.

In the Quran: 33:33
akhlaq | sing. khuluq

alt. akhlaaq

"Morals." Covers the nature, disposition, habits, and manners of a person.



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