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Who am I, and Who Are You?

Who am I, and who are you ?
Iím a creation of God, and so are you.

Why am I here, and why are you ?
Iím here to worship God, and you are too.

Which God should I worship, and which God do you?
I worship the one Allah, and you should too.

Where is my destiny, and where is yours?
Paradise is my destiny, and I wish itís also yours.

What should you and I do to get there?
Follow the commands of Allah, and weíll be there.

Who is your model, and who is mine?
Muhammad () is our model, and he is very fine.

Who should I be, and who are you?
Iím a Muslim, and I wish you are too.

I want to be a Muslim, so what should I do?
Say Kalimah Shahadah, and youíre a Muslim too.

Obaid Ahmed, 9 years old


Published: May 2003


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