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Muhammad ( - PBUH), a special person was he,
Something special inside him that everyone could see.

His father died before he was born,
He never wanted to make anyone mourn.

Muhammad ( - PBUH) was known as Al-Ameen,
The best man the world has ever seen.

At forty, he got prophethood,
All his life, for truth he stood.

He was the seal of prophethood,
People of the Book, in their heart understood.

M essenger
U nique
H umble
A dorable
M arvelous
M odest
A wesome
D edicated

His companions had to suffer a lot,
But for Islam, they had no second thoughts.

He established peace and forbid terror,
So that mankind would be nice, without error.

Muhammad ( - PBUH) was nice all along,
Gentle, yet firm and strong.

In Madinah, he established an Islamic state,
Yet, he was humble, and truly great.

When he conquered Makkah, he was not filled with pride,
He gave them security, and peace of mind.

His life is an example for those who are heedful,
Follow him sincerely, and be successful.

Obaid Ahmed, 9 years old


Published: April 2003


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