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Teaching the Qur'aan

Making our children successful means preparing them for the real future. Providing them with worldly comforts, educational certificates and degrees, and material prosperity is not forbidden by Islam, but in no way measures up to the much higher goal of making sure that they are fully equipped with the moral and ethical standards set by Islam. To achieve this goal, a great deal of energy must be spent educating and training them to live their lives in the way which Allah (SWT) has commanded. We can learn a lot about our duties from Qur’an and ahadith. According to ahadith narrated by Abu Dawood and Hakim, the Holy Prophet said,

“When a person dies his actions also come to an end. But there are three things done by him for which he goes on getting the reward from Allah. First one is he who leaves some charitable trust for the benefit of the people, secondly he leaves behind some knowledge which is continuously useful for the people and thirdly, he leaves behind a pious son who goes on praying for his forgiveness.”

He also said,

“The best gift which a father gives to his children is that of their good education and manners.”

On another occasion he said,

“The parents of a person who acquired extensive knowledge of the Holy Qur’an and practiced accordingly will be crowned on the last day and this crown will shine more than the bright sun which lightens all the houses of the world. So what do you think about the person who behaves like this?”

These ahadith convey the strong message that teaching the Holy Qur’an and its meaning to our children is a very serious responsibility. The implication is that parents who neglect the Islamic education of their children will be questioned and punished for their negligence, and those who meet their duty with a sense of commitment and steadfastness will exalt their position and be rewarded by Allah (SWT).

--- Aisha Sayed Alam


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